Test Case Scenario for Booking Online Movie Ticket

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Test Cases
The following list the test case scenario for the Booking online movie ticket:- * Movie/Cinema selection
* Seat selection
* Payment gateway

Session expires
Session expires
Session starts
Ticket sent to email
Enter email & phone no.
Includes movie,cinema,location selection
Transaction Completed

Validating Payment


Seat Layout

Class and quantity selection
Show-time Selection
Movie Selection

1. Movie/Cinema selection
Test Case|
Test Scenario Name| Movie/Cinema Selection|
Description| This scenario covers the functionality of selecting the movie directly or according to cinema| |
HOME Page|
SN| Test Cases| Input Data| Expected Results|
1.| Choose radio button (Movie or Cinema)| | Default selection is Movie | 2.| Unselected “Region” drop-down list| | Region selected based on default region| 3.| Unselected “Movie/Cinema” drop down list| | Disable the Date selection list| 4.| Unselected “Date” drop-down list| | Never go to next page for show-time selection| 5.| Power failure in between anywhere| | Refresh the page| Show-time selection Page|

6.| Search field should allow “cinema & language” search when “Movie” radio button was chosen| INOX| Display the list of all INOX cinemas with their show-time| 7.| Search field should allow “movie & language” search when “Cinema” radio button was chosen | Sky fall| Display the searched movie with its show-time| 8.| Selecting Filter by “show” from drop-down list| 12 to 5pm| Highlight the show having show-time between 12 to 5pm| 9.| Selecting filter by “price”| Below 250| Highlight the show which costs less than 250| 10.| Selecting filter by “show” and by “price”| 12 to 5pm Below 250| Highlight the show between 12 to 5 which costs below 250/-| 11.| | | |

| | | |
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