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Executive Summary










Key Messages


Situation Analysis
S.W.O.T. Analysis


P.E.S.T.L.E. Analysis


Critical Path




Simplified Budget


Overall Budget

Appendix: A

Events Budget

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Tesla Model S

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Situation Statement
Tesla Motors Inc. is preparing for its Toronto debut in January 2010. Tesla wants to create preorder sales for its debut. The company wants to position its vehicles as viable alternatives to gasoline cars. It also wants to generate buzz for its cars in Toronto.

Create 24 sales by the December 2010 debut of Tesla Motors in Toronto.

Use exclusivity to generate hype and therefore sales for Tesla vehicles. * all audiences live in Toronto or Montreal and earn over $250,000 annually


Key Messages

Corporate Executives

Show you are ahead of the curve; go green by driving a Tesla Roadster

Car Buffs

The Tesla Roadster meets your performance needs and without
worrying about your environmental impact


Show your fans you care about the environment by driving a Tesla Roadster

Executives of Environmentally Sustainable Organizations

Show your commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond business by driving a Tesla Roadster


Executive Summary

Executive Summary
General Messages:
• Tesla Motors’ cars blend style, acceleration, and handling with advanced technologies that make them the quickest and the most energy-efficient cars on the planet • First Teslas available in Canada January 2011; the first store will be in Toronto • Potential buyers should call 416-555-8899 for more information or to arrange a test drive

Central Tactics
Use Jay Leno as a product evangelist
Win over key influencers and spin off media coverage with an exclusive track event and cocktail party


Executive Summary


The focus of this communications plan is Tesla’s Toronto debut. While creating awareness or changing attitudes are important for Tesla’s success in the high-end electric performance car market, the company’s success is ultimately measured by its sales figures. Sales are a more concrete way of measuring the effectiveness of communication efforts. For this reason the objective is as follows:

Create 30 sales by the December 2010 debut of Tesla Motors in Toronto.



Two approaches to selling high-end automobiles

High-service is another draw for luxury

are most effective: exclusivity and service.

and performance automobiles. BMW offers
training courses to those who purchase its

Exclusivity is commonly cited as a way to

more expensive cars.3 Ferrari offers custom

generate hype for luxury and performance

paint colours and free gear. Tesla Motors Inc.

automobiles. According to Cathal Kelly, feature

uses the high-service approach by sending its

writer, Toronto Star, the new Lexus LFA’s

mobile service units to make house calls to

“looming rarity [is what] makes the LFA such a

maintain vehicles.4

hot commodity” for a car priced at $375,000.1
In an era with limited luxury goods sales, a

Another example of the use of exclusivity

personal sales process is more important than

can be seen in the case of Ferrari’s Enzo.

ever.5 This is why the strategy that will be used

Building up to the release of Ferrari’s Enzo, an

will foster close customer-seller relationships.

enormous amount of buzz was generated from

Another strategy used by many organizations

the vehicle’s limited distribution. The Enzo was

in a recessionary luxury goods market is

offered to only 400 people worldwide, people

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