Tesco and First Cut Barbera's: Business Analysis

Topics: Tesco, Customer, Hairstyle, Asda, Marketing / Pages: 5 (1162 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2013
Activity 1: investigate what a business is and what businesses do.
Throughout this coursework, the two businesses I will be researching and investigating will be Tesco and First Cut Barber’s. I have confirmed a decision to choose these businesses because I believe that I have the ability to be able to get a range of information about the business and the finances.

* The reason for my choice of business and how planned and carried out my research
The nationwide business I chose is Tesco; I have chosen Tesco as it is a massive and successful business that has been around since 1919. Tesco is also a favourite grocery store to many and can be located in the area. Tesco is also a good comparison to local businesses as you can show how a business should be run. Tesco does not stop itself by selling day to day groceries, it also retail in selling varied goods for example home electrical supplies, car insurance and clothing , this is why it can be compared to other retailers which market the same. Tesco has huge competitors like ASDA and Morrison’s but still comes up on top of them all. As I am researching, I know that I can gain a lot of knowledge about this business and collect enough research for this coursework however there are many Tesco stores locally so it will be convenient and accessible for me to attend to do store to collect any research. When I was deciding which nationwide business to choose I looked at huge businesses (E.g. ASDA, Sainsbury, Comet, Pc World and Tesco)

The local business I have chosen is First Cut Barber’s , It is very close to where is live I And I have been there a few times , First Cut Barbers is an average barber shop on a main road, I think it is a well-known business in the area I live in , It is located in Eastham, The business has been going for around 7 years now, They Are located on Barking road Also it is easily accessible

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