Unit 4 M1-Business communication

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Ekue Akouete-Kuevey Unit 4 M1-Business communication Introduction In this report I will be analysing different types of business information and their sources using Sainsbury. Sainsbury is one of the second largest supermarket in the UK. Verbal communication

Verbal information is the ways we communicate with each other using sound and voice. This verbal information allows people to share views and information to each other for a long time as its one of the easier way of communications. Example of verbal communication is face to face and telephone contact. This usually happen between two people when having a conversation by facing each other. Another way is through telephone (talking to other person over the phone). At Sainsbury the head of director will have a meeting (face to face) to talk over how they could improve the company. Sainsbury uses telephone to communicate with its customers. Advantage of verbal communication

The good thing about using verbal communication especially in the finance department at Sainsbury is that, it’s easier to communicate verbally than other ways of communication such as written, onscreen, and multimedia. The reason is because its make clear understanding on every details that is being address by the other person. For example in Sainsbury, the Finance Department manager will use verbal communication in the meeting with their staff about any future plan or changes for the business. This is an advantage of the staff because they can ask any relevant question about the changes and they can know more about the new changes or plan. Disadvantage of verbal communication

The bad thing of using verbal communication is that it is not always possible for the head manager to meet with its staff face to face because of the limitation of time. Another disadvantage is language barrier, where the other person have different accent which will cause poor communication between both people. the product that has been...

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