Terrorism: The Word Says It All and the World Witnesses

Topics: Terrorism, United Nations, Islam Pages: 2 (938 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Terrorism: The word says it all and the world witnesses
“He did not want to go to school, I forced him to. I am the murderer”, were the words a mother was repeatedly trying to say in a complete sentence, while left bewildered on the death news of her 17-year old only boy, in Peshawar. That family does not understand what diplomatic relationships between Pakistan and other countries can benefit them with, all it knows is that the feud between their army and a terrorist group in the country made them suffer the biggest loss of all times. Whole world stands in shock and despair with the Shia-Islamic State of Pakistan, over their loss. We stand at a point where we have to choose between three paths. One, sit hand on hand and let the terrorists show their “might” by more such events in many other vulnerable countries. Second, debate. Mouths full but hands empty. Shouting on National Television and ending up blaming each other. Third, Act. The most difficult and road-not-to-be-taken of all. Although, this can help us eradicate the problem from grassroots, we won’t, because our political and diplomatic limits do not allow us to, but out humane limits do allow us to witness more such decimations.

Pakistan and Arabic Countries Front
We cannot give a clean chit to Middle-east countries and Pakistan over the issue as they have been known to shelter, rather, nourish the terrorists who are responsible for the world’s biggest terror attacks and annihilations. Be it Don Dawood Ibrahim or Hafiz Saeed or Osama Bin Laden, once in the lifetime, Pakistan nourished them. Then, how can you try to explode a neighbor’s house and expect that your house will not suffer even a scratch. I would not enter a debate or a judgment to say that the state funded the terrorist groups, but I would definitely like to bring out that the states did not do anything to stop this inhumane killing of innocent people. 18th May, 1998. India declared itself to be a nuclear power and within 10 days,...
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