Proposing a Solution: Bullying

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Osama bin Laden Pages: 6 (2114 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Patel 1
Hardik Patel
Naomi Danton
English 101
November 18th,1012
Terrorism in the World Is the terrorism an unstoppable war in this world or Is it the revenge against the human Society? A Terrorism is the global problem in the whole world since the two decades. It is the problem which the country has been continuously facing all the time. Terrorism is defined as an attacks on civilians and noncombatants for political purposes. It is the violent behavior in order to create an atmosphere of fear among the people in the society for their benefits and for the revenge. A terrorism is an planned and organized way to make the people do whatever they say to you. There are some words like revenge, war, insurgency and extremism are all depend upon the one word violence. Terrorism is not termed as a robbery or loot because these two things are done for the personal benefit.

An illegal and against law activities of terrorism are happening to make their thinking world-wide through the violence. It makes people helpless and discourage to do things for the country. The terrorist spreads the terrorism to fulfill their demands and for the “Jihad”. They make the people and the government scarred by planting crude home-made bombs, hand grenades and other explosives in public places such as the railway station, shopping centers. They also fulfill their demands by kidnapping, hijacking Planes and assassination. All the Terrorists in the world have different goals, demands and the purpose. In the modern days, the terrorism become changed than the earlier time by the technology and by the different techniques. The modern technology made the terrorist easier to attack by the automatic weapons and the explosives.

Patel 2 The most terrorist activities are happening in the Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The most Powerful and the most dangerous terrorist are living in Pakistan. “Pakistan's most dangerous place: Pakistan's remote and poorly understood tribal region has emerged as key to the future of both Pakistan and Afghanistan”( Hussain 36). This quote describes that the Pakistan is the dangerous place to live because most danger terrorists made the Pakistan a center for the weapons and for the government of Pakistan is helping them in all possible way. The organization called Al Qaeda is the biggest organization of the terrorism and all the people of Al Qaeda are living in such countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and all south west Asian countries. The other organization called Taliban, it is the most powerful organization of the terrorism. “The invasion of Afghanistan by American forces in October 2001 pushed thousands of Al Qaeda operatives and Afghan Taliban fighters into the Pakistani tribal region”(Hussain 36) this quote describes that the Pakistan is the biggest enemy of India, so always the terrorist in Pakistan are trying to break the unity of India because of Kashmir. The India has the huge problem of terrorism because Pakistan is its neighbor country And Pakistan is separated from India in 1947. Indian is facing the terrorism because Pakistan wants Jammu and Kashmir, the Heaven of the Earth. The Pakistan wants Kashmir because they think that the King of Kashmir hand Kashmir to Pakistan, but officially Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India. Now, Kashmir is the most unsafe place of the world because of all day war of the terrorist and the military in the Kashmir. The heaven of the earth is slowly slowly destroying because of terrorist attacks. Kashmir was known as place of Pilgrimage in the past, but now every person afraid of Kashmir. “Home to people of nearly every world religion,...

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