Topics: Overpopulation, Terrorism, Global warming Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Question: Many people regard terrorism as the most important issue confronting our world. Is this the case or is there something else? What do you think? Support your arguments with evidence from reference to contemporary sources.

Since the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 that shocked the world, people began to wonder how could possibly groups of people terrorized people for the sake of fulfilling their goals. Countries begin to strengthen their national defense through advanced weapons and intelligence to avoid a group of people from terrorizing their citizens, and researches about terrorism and how to eradicate terrorists have become very popular as to understand about terrorism would give benefits to anyone who reads it. It seems that the world’s focus is set on this threat and everyone forget that life is not just to get saved from terrorist attacks. This essay will give arguments that there are other important issues confronting our world than terrorism.

Before we study further about other important issues that confront our world than terrorism issues, we need to know what terrorism is. Terrorism can be defined as a reaction that is considered as a right thing to do by using repressive approaches and abomination which impacts physically and more importantly the psychological being of everyone who is terrorized. (What 2010, p. Online). It is no wonder that this issue has been taking the world’s attention and efforts to eradicate possible terrorist attacks, and even suspected terrorists. While terrorism is considered to be the best way done by sides which think that they are weak and powerless against their opposite side which have stronger armies or political powers to obtain what they demand (Thomas 2005, p. Online), jobless and desperation also lead people to take this action. In addition, much terrorism is inspired by martyrdom religious ideas (Zalman 2011, p. Online).

No matter how serious people think about terrorism, there are other...

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