Territorial Expansion Dbq Analysis

The territorial expansion also known as Manifest Destiny in the United States during 1830s to 1860s was an important element for the country. The enlargement or expansion of the US, helped the US become unified through economic, political, and social. Territorial expansion would help the economy because it would become more stable and have more jobs opportunities. Politically, there would be more people to encounter in the West which cold gain more political gain. Also socially because slavery was still an issue and moving west would bring the question if slavery should continue west or not. With economic, political, and social power the US became more united as a whole country.
With the territorial expansion through Manifest destiny of the United States more opportunities for economic gains which aided the United States. “California, to became the seat of wealth and power for which nature has
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“Two countries...will be more than line on the sand….(doc 2)” People from different races and ethnic groups would be close together, working together and communicating socially. This allowed for a diversity in the communities. Also frien ties for the first time. This allowed two different cultures to come together and form a friendships. “The north and south are brought together…(doc 5)” The north and south were satisfaction with the decision that the President made to help ease the tensions between the north and south over slavery. This allowed slowly for the North and South to work together and begin to make amends.
In conclusion territorial expansion through manifest density made it so that the US became more united. Tensions slowly started to ease away between north and the south. While also bringing different cultures and people together who had never been together before. Also the government was putting everyone's interest into play instead of one party's thoughts over the

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