Terminator Technology, an Ethical Issue in Business

Topics: Ethics, Human, Morality Pages: 8 (2679 words) Published: April 3, 2013
The word ethics is can be understood as a set of rules of behavior. Ethics forms the fundamental basic concepts of human conduct of what is wrong or bad. It encompasses universal values such as equality for all humanity, natural rights, maintaining the rule of the land, alarm for health and safety measures, and safety for the natural environment. Therefore, the standards govern the relationship between people for a mutual benefit for all parties concerned. Terminator technologies are a form of organic patenting, (Jeurissen & Rijst, 2007: 20).

Organic patenting forms an issue of ethical concern in the world today. The idea of organic patenting has received conflicting discussion in the world today. It has generated an emotional theme. The point of contention becoming, whether, it should be accepted or rejected. The subsequent discuss has further picked on the ethical concerns associated with this practice, to addressing the law of natural order. Organic patenting involves the law of giving the rights of an organism to a particular party, organization, or a person, (Jeurissen & Rijst, 2007: 27).

The concept of terminator technology, therefore, as a form of organic patenting, is a technology designed to genetically; alter a plant’s capacity to germinate a second time. The motive behind this business idea is to force farmers to purchase fresh supply of seeds. Thus, the terminator technology is a patent given to corporations to protect them from unscrupulous farmers. The control of seed technology prevents the growers from pirating, based on the premise that if crops remain fertile farmers might use the transgenic seed from previous season. By farmers using these seeds, then they lower the profits and proceeding for the companies. The ethical issue in this discussion is the traditional rights of the farmers, and the companies’ rights of patenting, (Jeurissen & Rijst, 2007: 20).

This paper seeks to unveil the controversial theme of terminator technology in terms of the environmental disasters, and the effects of seeds patenting by companies on farmers. From the ethical point of view, this paper shall discuss those affected by this technology, those who bear the greatest responsibility, and the aspect of the situation that violates the rules of conduct, as to what constitutes good or bad, (Jeurissen & Rijst, 2007: 35).

Terminator technology is presently the greatest danger to humanity. If this technology is used in large scale in the world today, it poses the greatest threat; it will entirely lead to the disaster of famine and starvation of all human kind on a worldwide basis. Farmers who store seeds that they harvest, and plant them in the following season support more than half of the world population. This, therefore, means that seeds are planted, and then harvested. In addition, the seeds are harvested, and then are replanted. Many farmers face the problem of buying seeds every year. Therefore, harvesting and replanting seeds becomes a significant aspect of the farming process. This is the technique food has been successfully produced over the years. If terminator technology is the way to go, then farmers have to pay for seeds every year. Apart from the danger of famine and starvation to the greatest number of people, terminator technology poses another disaster. It spells a significant contribution to the demolition of environment and health in the world. This is probably to affect hundreds of scores around the world.

The effects of terminator technology as a form of seed patenting to farmers are far reaching. Seed patenting on farmers causes a lot of concern for the fear of their livelihood. The well-being of the vast majority of the world populace may end up with food insecurity. In a country like India, poorer farmers have been reported to commit suicide. This type of technology is also feared to force poor...

References: Jeurissen, R. & Rijst, M. (2007). Ethics & business. Assen, Koninklijke Van Gorcum, vol 1, pp.1147
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