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Luis Angel Vargas Valtierra

ENGL 0302

Mrs. Leon

September 18, 2013

The Desire to be a Tennis Player

Sports analysts consider tennis to be the most physically demanding sport. Since most

sports require team work, physical conditioning is not that strict. In tennis, the player is forced to

run for each ball during the entire match with no other help possible. Also, tennis does not have a

time limit; it ends when someone wins two sets. In fact, the longest match records twelve hours

duration. The skills for becoming a good tennis player are complicated, yet can be achieved by

being mentally strong, engaging a great workout, and having good, solid strokes.

First of all, mental strength is important to tennis, because it affects the entire game plan.

If the player lacks mental strength, he will never come back after losing the first set. Tennis

players obtain mental strength only through experiencing and overcoming difficult

circumstances. A good example of this principle would be Novak Djokovic, the number one

ranked tennis player in the world, since he never surrenders until the final match point. Matches

are won with the brain not with the power of the player’s shots.

Another important factor for becoming a good tennis player is participating in extreme

workouts. If players just picked up a racquet and try to support a three hour match, they would

probably suffer from cramps or nausea. Usually, tennis players have their personal physical

trainer, because it is up to them to be prepared the next day after a difficult match. Some players

focus more on the upper body, but analysts recommend a full body workout. For example, Rafael

Nadal has the best condition and workout at the tour.

Finally, having good, solid strokes is critical for a tennis player. Having good, solid

strokes is a necessary component to start the player’s...
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