Ten Managerial Functions

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Management Roles
The primary role of management is to make it possible for teams to work. They also provide guidance and direction to work effort.

The role of management in an organization is purely functional. It is not a role any more or less prestigious than any other role in the company. It is similar to the difference between marketing personnel and engineering personnel. The function of management is:

Set up a plan (vision) for the company, group, or team being managed. Ensure that the management personnel can do their jobs with the up most efficiency. Resolve any disputes that arise.
Act as an interface between employees and upper management Track resource use and report costs to higher management. Present new ideas for the company to upper management.
Track project progress and revise estimates or make adjustments. Deal with problems and shield employees from them as much as possible to allow them to concentrate on their jobs.

One important difference between managers and other functional positions in the company lies in the fact that decisions made by the manager will affect more people either in a positive or negative way.

Skills Required
Communication - Learn to listen and be observant.
Experience - At least 10 years working in a field similar to those being managed. A broad background is helpful. Leadership - Leadership is really a mix of many other skills and in many ways is intangible. A true leader, however, is willing to do any task necessary to complete the job. That means, they are willing to do the same work as other employees and get their hands dirty when required. Delegation - Good managers must be willing to trust their staff and delegate responsibility and authority. Organizational - Being able to organize teams, roles and projects is important. Some organizational requirements can be delegated, however. Having a messy desk does not necessarily mean a manager is unorganized.

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