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Assignment 2 MG101
Management is a process with functions of planning, organizing, controlling and leading to assisting organization in achieving higher performance in using resources. Hence this essay will describe the types of plans in time horizon and scope, then further differentiate between functional and divisional structure and finally compare internal and external recruitment and the importance of orientation. Sub-title Question one:

Firstly, planning is a role of management process in setting direction deciding where to go and the best way to accomplish set plan involving individuals group and or the whole organization. Planning is paramount important in the management process because it provides the guiding course for the other management functions of organizing, controlling and leading. Planning is a fundamental task that integrated with the environmental analysis, hence, scenario planning is vital in today’s business when it considers uncertainty and dynamic global economy pressures from the environment. Scenario planning improves focus and flexibility, action orientation, coordination, time management and control in organization. Managers use three different types of plans in explaining the time horizon to deal with the variety of planning challenges in the flow of activity in the organization. Firstly the short-range plans covering only shorter period such as a year or less and intermediate-range plans covering longer as one to two years of planning. Plans focusing planning in levels of lower management generally in overseeing the performances of employees or subordinates. For example, the supervisors or line managers having the supervisory role to administer subordinates in performing tasks to achieving the short-range plans. Secondly, the other time horizon plan used by managers is the longer-range plans that looking into the future in wide perspective over period of three or more years. Similarly, this level is done by the top management such chief executive officer or manager director ranking highest in the organization. Top management interprets the policy into goals, objective decision that affects

the organization. “ Researcher and psychologist Elloitt Jacques suggested that people vary in their capability to think out , organize and work through events of different time horizons” (Schermerhorn, Davidson, Poole, Simon, Woods and Chau 2011: 174) Plans are not only differ in time horizon but also in scope of plans, such as the strategic and the operational plans. Strategic plans are focusing at the long-term needs of organization or division and setting comprehensive course .Thus, top management have exclusively responsible including determining objectives for the whole organization and deciding actions and allocations of resources to accomplish these plans. As a result tactical plans are developed and utilized to implement the strategic plans. For example, the long-term plan for Solomon Islands College of Higher Education to develop into university. An operational plan is another, reflecting short-term thereafter describing needs in short term whereby supervisors are responsible. Hence, specific activities to implement the strategic plan objectives. For example, human resource plans dealing with the recruitment, selection and allocation of personnel in various jobs in the organization. Sub-title question 2 Organizing is another function in management process having definition of assigning tasks, allocating resources and arranging activities to implement plans such as creating division of labour for...

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