Telling Others To Live Up To Their Dreams Analysis

Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Psychology Pages: 4 (895 words) Published: April 1, 2018

Telling others to live up to their dreams.
Is it really that easy?
What if your life was drastically turned around because of those hopes?
Fighting with your every breath.
My biggest fear was trying to untangle the twisted knots deep within me, and let the air resurface through my lungs. Everyone told me that I was abnormal and inhumane because I was lonely and that my only friend was the darkness that surrounded me.
I was lost in this world; I had no place to call home as I was abandoned the day I was born. People say it’s impossible but I had vivid memories of that day, where I was left on the ice-cold floor on the corner of the street. She had hidden me away from daylight. She left me there with nothing. Nothing but a cloth that surrounded...

That was how they described me. Those in the capital saw me as inhumane, but I describe those expressions as the symptoms of my addiction. The addiction that one might relate to alcohol, drugs, social media or even Nutella.
But my addiction was far from it. Hidden deep within my blood, an uncontrollable force that my blood was addicted to; the virus which controlled my life. Which made me so unique.
It kept me isolated from the human world. Everyone who wasn’t considered to fit the Capital’s ideology of "perfect" was sent here to survive alone, but I think as the years went by we created a pretty much stable society. I was taught never to be afraid of the unknown and that, "Whatever that is destined to happen will happen and you can do nothing to prevent it and that nothing can harm you if it was not destined for you." My adopted mother’s voice echoed through my...

This was my only chance to see my Father i had to leave before the general inspection tomorrow this when the capital sends men once a year to record the number of people living here, but they also take you when you reach 17 think you are healthy enough to serve the capital. When i approached the wall on the east side of here it looked fascinating as i never saw all the barbed wires and electrocuting circuits guarding a wall before but bellow it was a small passage way which was probably a small hut for rabbits to come in out of i decided to go through the wall squeezing my ribs through i made it out. The air seemed different it felt more clean and fresh it felt familiar. No one living here knew what was beyond the four walls as they never experienced life beyond 12000 square...
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