“Telecommunication Operator Banglalink™'s Operation in Bangladesh as Mne”

Topics: Orascom Telecom Holding, Khaled Bichara, Index of Economic Freedom Pages: 14 (4082 words) Published: January 5, 2011
[pic]International Islamic University Chittagong
(Dhaka Campus)


“Telecommunication Operator Banglalink™’s Operation in Bangladesh as MNE”

Course Title: International Business
Course Code: MKTG-5602

Assignment Submitted
Mr. Amir Ahmed
International Islamic University Chittagong
(Dhaka Campus)

Assignment Submitted by,

|Name |Metric No. | |Fuad Bin Mostafiz |M 091662 | |Md. Shahkwat Hossain |M091661 | |Md. Momenul Islam Khan |M 091651 | |Md. Zakir Hossain |M 091659 | |Khandkar Md. Zahiruddin |M091660 |

This report is prepared for fulfilling the International Business, MKTG-5602; course requirement of Department Of DBA, International Islamic University Chittagong. This report mostly covers a research report on “Telecommunication Operator Banglalink™’s Operation in Bangladesh as MNE”.

Primary Objective: - Primary objective of the report is fulfilling the course requirement for Completion of MBA program under department of DBA, International Islamic University Chittagong. Secondary Objective: - Beside the primary objective there are some other objectives, which are equally important. - Having knowledge about Telecommunication Company in Bangladesh. - How to find out a company’s service operation as MNE. - Also Knowing about Banglalink™.

- This report will help to extent the experience.

- The main constrain of the study is insufficiency of information, which was required for the study. - Due to time limitations many of the aspects could not be discussed in the present report. - I carried out such a study for the first time, so inexperience is one of the main constraints of the study. - Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting data - Several information regarding on-going projects may not be disclosed to analyze further the competitive positioning of Banglalink™ as they might be considered confidential. - As an ex-employee of Banglalink™, it might not be possible to interview employees from other players in the industry. - The research was limited only in secondary data.

- The sample size may be considered too small to represent the present scenario. METHODOLOGY:
The methodologies of the report are as follows
Nature of the report: Nature of my report has Descriptive and Analysis part. Sources are taken from Website. Source of Data: Primary data as well as secondary data are collected and analyzed to full fill this report. Maximum information is collected from secondary sources. Secondary Data:

Secondary information was obtained mainly from standard materials provided by the company on the industry and company review and the official websites of the telecom companies. A few articles on newspapers also helped in the collection of information, etc. the specific sources are: -Annual Reports

-Different Business Journal & newspapers
-Website of different Telecommunication companies
-Company’s Database
The study Approach:
The study approach is to collect the qualitative and quantitative data. The following three methods are used: -Discussion

The register name of Banglalink™ is ORASCOM Telecom Bangladesh Ltd which is the Bangladesh operation of [pic]Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. ("OTH") is part of the Orascom group of companies, which was established in 1976. Orascom...
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