Performance Evaluation of Ab Bank

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Over all performance of AB bank

Background of the Study
The dissertation program is a connected part of the MBA program that all the students have to submit. The students are sent to various organizations where they are assigned to one or more projects. At the end of the program, the internees are required to place the accomplishments and findings of the project through the writing of the dissertation report covering the relevant topics. During this program, supervisor guilds each student- one from the university and the other from the organization. This report is the outcome of a 3 months June to October 2009, dissertation program in AB Bank Limited, Dhaka. Objectives of the study

This study is intended for providing me invaluable practical knowledge about banking operation system in Bangladesh. The prime objective of the study is to examine the “Overall Performance of AB Bank Limited.: A Comparative Analysis”. However, the specific objectives are the followings:

To accomplish the partial requisite of MBA Program and to achieve of good judgment with theoretical base. •To have a evaluation of AB Bank
To evaluate the factors affecting performance of AB Bank. •To make a comparative analysis of the performance of AB Bank is valuation to Southeast Bank and Brac Bank Ltd. Methodology
For teaming up the data & information collected through primary & secondary sources I have used both qualitative & quantitative method. During my study I followed some methodology to find out the fact & feature of the bank which are given as follows: * Sources of data/ information: I have collected my information/ data from the following sources, which helped me to make this report. The source has divided by two parts. Such as, 01. Primary source and 02. Secondary source.

I used both the above sources.
Primary sources: It includes interviews & conversation with offices & executives of the Bank of different divisions/ department and branches. Secondary sources: It includes annual report, general report, investment manual, and general banking manual. Selected books, journals 5 other publications etc. Scopes

The report is based on the overall operational functions of AB Bank limited, Financial Institutions & Treasury Division, Financial Division, IT Division, Credit Risk Management , Credit Administration & Merchant Banking Division etc. and how they works to regenerate the Foreign Currency and Foreign revenue from other countries, given Loans & advances to the customers, Foreign trade business and help to establish corporate level of industry and also the managerial techniques to solve the sensitive operation of the banks performance. Limitations of the Report.

The total report like “Overall Performance of AB Bank Limited: A Comparative Analysis” is vast and not possible to make it over a night. So it is the hard task to prove all the information on that necessary segment which might make report more resourceful and outstanding. I could not prepare the report as the best of my wish because much information could not gathered for the resources of confidentially. During the banking hour there were many customers who has to be served time offered per customer was not adequate to ask about their satisfactory and dissatisfactory level in connection with foreign trade & foreign exchange business, Credit & General Banking which might have helpful to focus in more detail. Profile OF “AB Bank Limited”

Name of the Organization: -AB Bank Limited.
Registered Address: – BCIC Bhaban, 30-31 Dilkusha C/A Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh. •Commencement of Business: – 27th February 1982.
Legal Form: - A public limited company incorporated on 31st December 1981 under the Companies Act, 1913 and listed in the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd and Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. •Banking Industry: -There are 72 branches in the market of Bangladesh. The market share holds 7% of AB Bank. Background of AB Bank Limited:

AB Bank Limited, the first private...
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