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Teaching English as Foreign Language

Teaching Language Skills ( Listening & Speaking )

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English teaching involves four language skills, they are listening, reading writing, and speaking. Specifically, the four language skills have grouped into two division, namely; the first is productive skills such as writing and speaking. Second is receptive skills such as reading and listening. Then,the aspects that support the four language skills above such as : grammar, vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation  are also taught in English teaching and learning process.

Students can improve their listening skills and gain valuable language input through a combination of listening material and procedures. Listening is important since it provides the perfect opportunity to hear voices in order to enable students to acquire good speaking habit as a result of the spoken English they absorb and helps to improve their pronunciation.

Speaking is the process of orally expressing thought and feelings of reflecting and shaping experience, and sharing information. Speaking is a complex process, which involves thinking language and social skills. The speaker combines words to sentences and paragraphs and use a language style that is appropriate to a social context.

In speaking, the student should learn some steps in order to make the speaking itself properly and understandable, those steps are: Speak clearly and expressively about their ideas and concerns and adapt words and strategies according to varying situation and audience from one to any conversations to formal large group setting. Interpret and asses various kinds of communication, including intonation, phase gestures and body language that accompany speaking

Speaking is used for the purpose of conveying speech and speaking also is more

formal in meaning. The teachers should invite the students to speak to improve their abilities in expressing their ideas automatically. Speaking is more used and important to make students are able to express their feeling, thoughts, happiness, anger, and emotion. Students have to learn and master speech skill, which is, necessary in good articulation. They have to learn how to pronounce the words correctly and sensitively to their listeners.

To improve students’ listening and speaking skills, teachers have to pay attention to the use of teaching media that will be used in teaching and learning process. Teachers have to employ teaching media that appropriate to listening and speaking skills.

To measure students achievement in listening and speaking ability, teachers have to conduct assessment to evaluate and assess students ability.


The place of listening in language teaching

In the past, foreign languages were learnt mainly by reading and translating rather than listening. In the second half of twentieth century, research about how people learn both first and second languages as well as developments in linguistics,sociology and anthropology increased in order to understand that listening as the key initial skill.

Another factor that led to changes in foreign language education was spying. During the Second World War the US’s Army Specialized Training Program trained a number of soldiers to learn foreign languages. These soldiers spent years studying grammar and vocabulary from books, but when it came to actually speaking the language in order to infiltrate a country or to listen in on enemy conversations over the radio waves, their language skills were inadequate. The authorities realised that a new methodology was...

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