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Teenagers on After-School Jobs

Oct 08, 1999 506 Words
Almost every teenager wants a job, yet many people are against it. I believe teenagers should have after-school jobs for a number of reasons. First, having a son or a daughter that works can financially help the parents. Also, the experience the teenager will acquire from after-school jobs will help him or her on future jobs. Finally, teenagers should have after-school jobs because it will keep them away from trouble. Parents should realize that as long as their son or daughter wants an after-school job and it does not affect his or her performance at school, they should let their child have one. Usually, families that have financial problems have their teenage children go to work. Having an extra family member bringing money into the house will increase a family’s lifestyle. For instance, if a teenager works, he will have money for his needs, and he will not have to be asking his parents for money all the time. By having a job a teenager can save up for college, to buy a car, to buy a stereo, etc. Teenagers feel ‘free’ when they have a job: they can spend their own money on whatever they want without feeling guilty. In addition to helping his family, having a job at an early age can help for future jobs. When many people apply for an important job, the employer will most likely choose the person who has the most working experience. People who have had a job since their teenage years will know how to deal with the stress and the work better than new people. They will be able to cope with job-related problems. This reason is very significant for teenagers who choose not to go to college, and their only reason for getting employed is experience. Yet, the most important reason is that jobs keep teenagers away from violence. Jobs are very time-consuming. If a teenager works and goes to school, he will probably not have time to join a gang or get into fights. Nowadays more and more employees are getting drug-tested at their jobs. If a teenager likes his job or needs to work, he will not do drugs because he will get fired. Furthermore, if a teenager receives a paycheck he will spend his earned money instead of stealing. A job can lead a teenager to a better lifestyle and a healthier life. I think teenagers should have after-school jobs. Working teenagers can financially help their parents, get experience for future jobs and stay away from violence. A teenager with a job feels more independent and responsible than a non-working teen. The teenager can bring money into the house to pay for his own necessities. It can also help the teen for future jobs by giving him experience, and it can keep the teenager away from violence. Parents should let teenagers get jobs as long as their teenager wants and it will not influence their performance at school.

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