Teenage Suicide

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Teenage Suicide:
The Fallen Ones
Introduction: Teenage suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 19. I.Causes of teenage suicide
b.Problems at home
c.“heartbreak”/ low self-confidence
III.Problems at home
b.Grades dropping
IV.“Heartbreak”/ Low self-confidence
b.Death in family

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Jessica Sherrill
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28 April, 2011

Teenage Suicide:
The Fallen Ones

Suicide is the act of taking one’s life. Suicide is a tragedy at any age. It is especially tragic when it happens to a teen. Teens that kill themselves miss out on many opportunities out in the world. Teenage suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in young people between the ages of 15 and 19. Nearly 5,000 teenagers commit suicide each year. Hidden suicides, deaths that are considered an accident such as car wrecks and drug overdose, could raise this number even higher. For every suicide committed, there are 25 suicide attempts made. According to Judith Peacock, author of Teen Suicide, the number of teen suicides has tripled since the 1950s. White males have the highest suicide rate among teens. However, the suicide rate for African American males ages 15 to 19 has increased 165 percent since 1980. This is the largest increase for teens. African American males now have suicide rates almost as high as white males.

Causes of Teenage Suicide
No one is sure why more teens today are taking their lives, than ever before. There is no single reason why teens kill themselves. Teens who kill themselves want to escape overpowering problems and painful feelings. Lack of experience and problem solving skills contribute to teen suicide. The number one cause of teenage suicide is untreated depression. There are many different causes for this tragic event. Other than depression, bullying, problems at home, and ‘heartbreak’/low self-confidence are main factors in teenage suicide attempts. Other common attempts are because of one’s homosexuality and not being accepted because of it. Not only are there many different causes of suicide, but there are many other things that branch off of each topic to get more personal. Honestly, why do teens want to end their life and not see what the future has for them? Studies have proven many different reasons.

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Bullying is a very big factor in teen suicide. Verbally bullying, physically bullying, and even internet bullying all contribute to it. Every day, 160,000 students in the United States stay home from school to avoid being bullied. Several thousand teens attempt suicide or commit suicide because of bullying every year. Teens come home after being called names, thrown up against walls, or even just beaten by a bully, thinking that they don’t have a reason to live. What better way to get rid of all their problems than committing suicide? Internet bullying is one of the worst. Some people feel more powerful through the internet. One can say whatever they want and not be seen. Internet bullying can hurt the worst, though. MySpace and Facebook, we use it every day...not knowing the pain some people go through because of something we could’ve said. –Dardenne Prairie, Missouri; October 17, 2006. 13 year-old, Megan Meier was diagnosed with ADD and depression as a little girl. She had always been self-conscious about her weight. She had always been friends with the girl that lived down the block. They went to school with each other and loved talking to boys on MySpace. Megan was starting a new school for her 8th grade year and they girls went their separate ways. She begged her mom to let her make her own MySpace. Reluctant, her mom gave in since she was starting a new school with no friends. Megan met this boy named Josh. They talked all the time and made each other laugh. He told...

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