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Stevie Cuffan

What’s the magical number to death? All thirteen people drove Hannah Baker straight to her grave. A permanent home for her, there no one can bully her, tease her, or drive her crazy. A suicidal theme in this story is a main cause of teens dying today. Teen’s today feel to get rid of a temporary pain is to solve with a permanent solution. Cruelty, devastation, and suspense is what bothered Hannah, and just like Hannah Baker, plenty of other teens today. So are these words and other people really worth taking your life?

Teens are attributed to suicide from some type of form of mental or physical abuse. Young teens in today’s society feel that they are being neglected which makes them feel worthless to themselves and others. Teenagers feel that they are worthless if they can’t fit into certain social classes, follow popular media, newest fashions, or just simply become popular. So being worthless is their fit for punishment, their only true escape to get away from all this is to take their own life. Teenagers feel that everything voiced in their past will be their failures in the future or the reasons for their unaccomplished goals.

Ups and downs are just apart of life, however though some “down” periods last longer then others. Depression in teens is a big cause in suicide; depression is caused from stress or hormonal change. Depression caused in teens is caused from losing family or friends, lack in extracurricular activities, low self-esteem for example caused by bullying about their clothes, religion, intelligence, social class, also ethnicity. Teenage depression has to do with life changes, similarly known as adjustment disorder. All those changes can in fact make a teenager feel hopeless, which seems to be a never ending feeling.

Changes in emotions are a massive destruction in a teenager’s life. When you are a teenager you are trying to find yourself in this huge place we called the world. Being depressed as a teen is a major...
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