Teenage Depression

Topics: Schizophrenia, Major depressive disorder, Mental disorder Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 18, 2013
At some point, in everyone’s life, they will become a teenager. Being a teenager comes with it’s perks and it’s disadvantages. Some may find it to be the best time of their lives, and others will hate every second of it. The one’s who hate it are notorious for at times being depressed. Depression doesn’t just affect the teenager; it affects their family, friends, school, and even their general well being. It is more common than ever, and should be taken extremely seriously. Most of the time this doesn’t just happen overnight, but many factors can play a part in a serious case of teenage depression. Being depressed can lead to a lot worse things than just being bored.

There are countless means by which a teenage can become depressed. Loss of a family member, anxiety, school grades, any kind of mental disorder, and even the thought of death are some causes. Depression can ruin families as a whole. If one family member is depressed, the chances of another one entering the same state are very high. The use of alcohol, drugs, and other depressants are one of the most popular ways to try and treat depression. Doing those things can only worsen the effects of depression. People who are feeling down use alcohol in an attempt to try and cheer themselves up, but those feelings can only last so long. Once the “medication” has worn off people will then be led right back to alcohol. The dependence of alcohol for comfort leads to alcoholism. Addictions to alcohol and being depressed can have fatal results. An individual impaired through alcohol will have decreased self-control, motor skills, and thought process; which will increase the chances of a suicide attempt.

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