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Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in
human females under the age of 20 at
the time that the pregnancy ends. A
pregnancy can take place after the start
of the puberty before 
first menstrual period, but usually occurs
after the onset of periods. In wellnourished girls, menarche usually takes place around the age of 12 or 13.

Teenage pregnancies appear to be
preventable by comprehensive 
sex education and access to birth control.
 Abstinence-only sex education does
not appear to be effective.

Teenage Pregnancy is a growing problem all
around the world.Though the numbers have
lowered,it is still an issue in ou society. It
can affect teen mother’s relationship with
others and her future in school.When a
teen becomes pregnant their relationships
with their family,friends and the father of
the baby can change a lot

The relationship between parents and the daugther is important,but the relationship is put to the test when the daugther becomes pregnant.”Studies have shown that girls raised poverty ,in single – parent homes,and by parents with lowers levels of education are more like to become adolescent mothers”(Bondy).When ayoung adult turns into a mother her relationship with parents change,she has to grow up very fast and become a parent to her child .Friends are important for a teenagers’s life.That friendship becomes strained when she becomes pregnant.Soon she becomes busy raising her

child,and does no have time to act to her age.And when she goes out with her friends she feels guilty for leaving her child at home.But, the most important relationship is to the test.When a young teenager becomes pregnant.the relationship with the boyfriend soon

changes,sometimes the couple stays together and sometime shun out by him and he refuses to acknoledge he has gotten pregnant

The relationship an adolescent with her
family, friends and boyfriend changes
very fast, when the teenager becomes
pregnant. Education is affected when the
teenager becomes pregnant. Often
young girls are too busy raising their
child, they forget about their education
which in turn affects their future. 


In some societies, early marriage and
traditional gender roles are important
factors in the rate of teenage pregnancy.
For example, in some sub-Saharan
African countries, early pregnancy is
often seen as a blessing because it is
proof of the young woman's fertility.[40]
 The average marriage age differs by
country, and countries where teenage
marriages are common experience
higher levels of teenage pregnancies. In
the Indian subcontinent, early marriage
and pregnancy is more common in
traditional rural communities than


Effects of teen pregnancies on the
children involved. These children
are far more likely to grow up in
poverty, to have more health
problems, to suffer from higher
rates of abuse and neglect, to fail
in school, to become teen
mothers, to commit delinquent
acts and adult crimes, and to incur
failed adult marriages and other

The burdens of early childbearing on
disadvantaged teens are undeniable. Trying to
untangle the factors which contribute to teenage
pregnancy from its effects, however, leads to a
"which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
dilemma. Educational failure, poverty,
unemployment and low self-esteem are
understood to be negative outcomes of early
childbearing. These circumstances also contribute
to the likelihood of teen pregnancy. 

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