Teenage Body Image

Topics: Girl, The Spotlight, Character Pages: 8 (2122 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Year 11 Drama
Elemental Power

Teenage Body Image

By Leticia Hargreaves
Teacher: Ms Power

Stimulus: I felt obliged to do this topic as it really stands out to me as I see this issue arise with many teenage girls today, most of which are my friends. I find it sad to think that teenage girls are so easily mislead to believe that they must look like something that isn’t real. I used the poems, songs, pictures etc. as they all send a strong message towards my topic and show how real this terrible concern is.

Character Descriptions
Character 1: Girl, 16 years of age, happy but confused on what she should look like. Character 2: The first character/many characters are just an illusion, a silhouette kind of character of teenage girls, just an image. Dressed fully in black clothing and fifteen years of age she’s depressed by what she sees in the mirror. Character 3: News Reporter, aged 22, slim good-looking, happy with her life, hardworking business women. Character 4: Many people, not entirely characters as they don’t have personalities.


Character 1: Wearing black tights a baggy top and a loose fashion jacket. She changes her costume in the other scenes to a dirty night gown then changes back in the closing. Character 2: All of these characters are just wearing theatre blacks. Character 3: Black pants. White shirt and black jacket, looking very sophisticated. Character 4: Theatre blacks.

Teenage Body Image
Script :
Setting:Girl on stage, dark lights, she is reading a magazine and she is asking herself a question. Dialogue or description of scene:
Girl: Why can’t I just be skinny like the girls in this magazine?

Scene 1:Poem – I stand in front of the mirror
Setting:Scene is set in the girls mind, the lighting is dark and a soft spotlight comes up on each person as they say their line somewhere on the stage. Dialogue or description of scene:
(each character says a line each)
I stand in front of the mirror
Disgusted at what I see
Why can't I be satisfied
With the way God created me?
I stare at the girl intently
With eyes full of disgrace
I can't find any beauty
No, not a single trace
Her skin is very pale
And her breasts are very small
Her legs are scarred and bruised
And her hair's not long at all
There are scars across her arm
From a past that wasn't kind
Her eyes are dark and hollow
A bit of mystery to the mind
It's true she's very thin
Where it matters, she's too small
She remembers the girl on TV
Doesn't look this way at all
Her hair was long and flowing
And her eyes were shining bright
With just the right skin tone
She could wear just what she liked
Her body was a masterpiece
And she carried herself so well
Being in this body I see here
Feels a lot like being in hell
Why is it that beautiful girls
Feel that they must flaunt?
Isn't it enough that they
Get every guy they want?
When will people listen
To the girls who look like me?
When will people search deeper
Than what their eyes can see?
How many times must I stand
Before the mirror with tears of shame?
When will I realize...
That we all can't look the same?
Link: Depressed Girl
Setting: Teenage girl is looking into a mirror; she is wearing a dirty nighty and is negatively judging her body. Dialogue or description of scene:
Girl: I’m so ugly

Scene 2:Song – UGLY by Bring it on
Setting:Scene is set with a girl holding a magazine in the middle of the stage (spotlight on her) and she is comparing her body to the one of the girl in the magazine, the lights are none, just a spotlight on her. The scene then has changing lights and of different colours to the beat of the music and when each letter is said in the song. The setting is in her mind of what she thinks of herself. The girl tries to escape the words but they trap her.

Dialogue or description of scene:
[C] OK! I'm a cheerleader now!
[D&C] U.G.L.Y.
You ain't got no alibi...

Bibliography: Picture – Anorexic Girl, Anorexia, 18/02/11
http://social-context.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive. , htm
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