Teen Suicide

Topics: Suicide, Mental disorder, Bipolar disorder Pages: 7 (2575 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Teenage Suicides
Teenage suicide is a major issue in today’s society; suicide is the intentional taking of one’s own life and is a severe issue that should be addressed worldwide as quickly as possible. Teen suicide has been the topic of many news headlines; yet, it still continues to have a strong effect on today’s youth. In the United States, suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for Americans, and for young adults between the ages of 15 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death. This is extremely remarkable due to the fact that teen suicide is one of the hardest ways to prevent death from occurring. There are quite a number of misdirected beliefs that surround the subject of teenage suicide. For example many who want to commit don’t give warning signs; when someone is strongly thinking of suicide they will almost always show warning signs before being suicidal. There are a number of things that can draw someone in to commit suicide. One main reason that has been proven to be the principal cause is mental illness. Other causes can be from bullying, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, or physical abuse. Many people in their lifetime will go through periods of anxiety, sadness or despair. These are normal reactions to pain, rejection, or even disappointment. People that suffer from mental illness that can be more severe, have serious reactions to being hopelessness.

Bullying is becoming one of the leading causes of suicide in today’s society, if you watch television or media it is not uncommon to hear different news stories explaining how a teenager committed suicide as a result of being bullied. Bullying has been a controversy in schools throughout the United States for many years now, and I believe to the fullest extent that it will only continue unless we all as a nation do something to end it. I do believe schools have discussed many major issues when it comes to bullying but there still is a lot more that can be done to prevent these issues from occurring. The more talking about the topic the more it will continue to decrease throughout the countries.

The majority of bullying takes place as children grow up in their middle school and high school years. Not all kids are the nice ones, some can be very cruel and cold hearted. Peer pressure is a reason to why kids bully one another. Cyber, physical and emotional bullying are all different ways to bully someone. Bullying someone is not always what is seen on TV, video games, internet, movies or music. It is known that bullying has become a more serious problem in today’s society. It can affect people of all ages, and suicide is only one form of bullying out of many. We should all think of a plan to stop this from occurring so frequently.

There are many myths when it comes to bullying such as why bullies are bullies. Many people say that once you are bullied, you always are going to be a victim; this statement can be true but doesn’t affect all people. Some victims may bully others because it happened to them in the past. Other people can experience bullying just by hanging with the wrong peers or changing their personality. People who were the shy and quiet ones growing up tend to break out their shell and become ones to be less affected by bullying. You can see many different examples of situations like this that take place in colleges around the world. It gets bad as you grow up sometimes you don’t think what you say to someone can affect them the way it does; you do not know everyone’s life outside of work or school. Teenage suicide and suicide in general has grown so rapidly that you often here celebrities or TV stars mentioning how to stop or prevent it. You go on YouTube and you see people make videos that have been affected by this or no someone that have been traumatized.

They often mention how getting bullied is a natural part of growing up. Statistics show that bullying does not make children more resilient; instead this causes...
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