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Teen Driving

By turtle0shell May 31, 2013 603 Words
Cell phones and Driving
Why is this such a problem for teen drivers?
* Many teens mainly focus on staying connected with their friends and family, now with all the new technology it is easier to do so. Cell phones are now so much more portable and easy to use teens will take advantage of it, resulting in texting and driving or talking on the phone while driving. * Most teens don’t realize that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous. Most teens believe that they are “good drivers” and nothing bad will happen to them. * When their cell phones ring it’s natural for a person to want to look at their phones to see who it is or what the text message says and most of the time teens have a harder time ignoring their cell phones.

Statistic of crashes involving cell phone usage.
* Statistics show that car crashes is the “leading cause of death among teens.” * Majority of the car crashes are because of texting while driving and these crashes are preventable. * Also researcher shows that teen who use their cell phones while driving reacts to situations a lot slower, similar to a 70 year old person who is not using their cell phones. * State farm had a survey and the survey had said “43% of 16-17 year old who are drivers admitted that they have never texted while driving.”

Text Free Driving Organization
* The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness of texting and driving. They want inform and let people know that it is dangerous and it can kill you. * They are trying to get to legislatives and get a bill passed banning texting while driving. * This organization also informs you of all the recent news about accidents happening, and getting the law passed.

TOADD- Texting Organization Against Distracted Driving
* This organization was created to address the issue of distracted driving. * They inform you of statistics and numbers of death caused by distracted driving. * You can sign up and subscribe to their blog newsletter and get informed of everything happening to stop distracted driving.

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My own ideas for solving this problem
* I think in order to solve this problem we would need to talk to the parents and let them talk to their kids about the situation and how it can affect them, because usually the kid is more likely to listen to their parents then anyone else. I do not think much of this is being done because some parents have never talked to their child about cell phone usage while driving and how dangerous it is.

What I can personally do to make more people aware of this issue? * Personally I could make posters to hang informing people of this situation and persuade them to stop using their cell phones while driving. * I could join an organization about cell phone usage while driving and help get the message out that it is dangerous.

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