Teen Curfew

Topics: Young adult, Sleep, Adolescence Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Teen curfews have been in debate in most major cities for a while now. Parents and city council members have been trying to push laws to have young adults home safe and sound where they should be at a more reasonable time. Teen curfews are a good idea and should be enforced. Not only would it show more responsibility on the young adult’s part, but it would support teen safety. Another advantage to a curfew is that it would will help teens to be less sleep deprived.

Responsibility is something that takes time to learn. We all had to go through those trial and error moments where we have to find our on way, or learn new things. Teen curfews would help enable that sense of responsibility and trust. Teens would have their set time to return home, and the parents would allow them to have the freedom they desire. Teens also learn to be considerate of others instead of just thinking about themselves. In a way a curfew helps prepare them for the future by helping them to be prepared to be able to handle being a responsible young adult once when they reach that age. It would allow the teen to know what is expected of them. The most rewarding quality of being a responsible teen is how much your parents can trust you and know that you are able to make the right choices.

With all the gangs, crime and kidnappings, it would proved the teen with a sense of safety. It’s very dangerous to be out in the streets so late at night, especially for young girls. By keeping young people off the streets at night, parents feel curfews will protect teens from becoming victims of crime. Sometimes, it’s very easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And most teens don’t realize the situation is bad until it’s too late. And since most teens are able to drive or know someone who does, they end up being caught up with the police or even worse, in an accident. Then not only do they have the potential of losing their license and vehicle, but their parents will not be so trusting with...
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