Ted Bundy

Topics: Capital punishment, Electric chair, Murder Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States of America. Bundy confessed to thirty murders, but it is assumed that he may have killed between twenty six and one hundred people between 1974 and 1978 (Wikipedia). All the people that Ted Bundy killed were young white middle-class women. According to the text the rational choice theory is the view that crime is a function of a decision-making process in which the potential offender weighs the potential costs and benefits of an illegal act. Evaluating Ted Bundy according to the rational choice theory, he knew what he was doing weighed his options, picked how he would attack kill and rape his victims. He meticulously sought out his victims. Typically Bundy would bludgeon his victims, strangle them to death then rape them or engage in necrophilia. According to this theory he fully planned out each attack knowing that it was wrong, illegal, and immoral.

There are multiple forms of the capital punishment depending upon which state you live in. In Tennessee if sentenced to the death penalty you would face either lethal injection or electrocution (deathpenaltyinfo.org). My stance on the death penalty is a pro view. I believe that if you commit a crime so heinous, such as murder, and it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt you should in fact be sentenced to death. There is no reason to put murders back on the streets. I don’t think that a person that kills someone in self defense should be sentenced to death. The death penalty should be reserved for those people who commit cold blooded murder. Even if remorse is shown after the fact it does not excuse the fact that they did commit that murder. I also believe that a person on death row shouldn’t be given as many rights and privileges as they are. Yes they are secluded from other people, but they have televisions and are given visitation and phone privileges. They should also not be sitting on death row for as long of period of times as they...
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