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Serial Killer Profile
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In this profile I will be discussing Ted Bundy and his life, and what things may have lead him to commit such atrocities in his later years which would overall come to an end with him being placed on death row and executed. By doing this I will have to reflect on multiple portions of his life by reviewing his childhood, behavior patterns, childhood issues that lead to future problems as an adult, his social life, and what type of possible mental breakdowns or disorders could have lead him to commit this series of murders in the past.

First is Ted Bundy’s childhood, and what it was like for him growing up. Ted Bundy was born by the name Theodore Robert Cowell on November 24, 1946, in Burlington Vermont his mother’s name was Louise Cowell age twenty-two. From birth Ted Bundy already fit the category with most serial and sexual killers the FBI composed, because 43 percent of them were born too single parents like Ted Bundy. When Ted Bundy was born, his mother left him for about three months to go to Philadelphia, and later returned and brought him to his grandfather, in Philadelphia who pretended to be his father, Sam Cowell acted like Ted had been adopted from some unknown orphanage as he grew up and claimed that his mother was his sister. So Ted grew up thinking unknowingly that his mother was really his sister, and he himself was just an orphan. Ted Bundy loved his grandfather but he was reported to have a “volatile temper and a mild taste for pornography.”(Most Notorious 1) Ted Bundy was not very fond of his step father, but he never received any type of abuse from any of his family members growing up. Although, Ted Bundy reported being confused about the relationship with his mother, this was because she would alternately refer to herself as both his sister and mother on separate occasions, this possibly fueled some of his mental issues that developed in his later life. In Public School Ted’s classmates that he was a happy, popular, and academically successful kid that showed little to no problems. This soon changed as time went on.

Ted Bundy’s classmates said in Junior High they had a relatively cloudy memory of Bundy. They reported that he became withdrawn, his academics suffered, and that he was socially inept or awkward when interacting with others especially girls. They also reported that he had an obvious loss of confidence in himself and was no longer the popular kid he once was. This leads to some of the precursors from his childhood that could have lead him to be the killer he turned out to be. One main precursor from his childhood that definitely affected him throughout his life was the fact his mother was said to be his sister, this probably confused him and lead him to doubt himself and his life as a whole. Also it probably continued to fuel his hate for females due to the lack of trust he could instill in his mother after finding out in later years the truth about his birth. Another problem that could have lead him to a troubling future is the fact that he did grow up with a single parent, having no knowledge of who his father was at all. Fathers play an important role in a young boy’s life because they teach the son how to act and become what society would consider an everyday man. Although, when Ted moved to Washington with his mother at the age of four, to be with his mother’s new lover Johnnie Culpepper Bundy where he’d gain his future name, his stepfather did try to be a part of Ted’s life by taking him on camping trips, doing activities, and other things normal of a healthy childhood relationship, but Ted simply didn’t connect probably because he resented the fact he didn’t know his real father or also because they left his grandfather which he had thought of as his real father. Ted also had a desire to be by himself and was uncomfortable with his stepfather, this probably lead to him being social awkward...

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