Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy|
Serial Killer|
By Stephanie Larko|
May 30, 2012|


On November 2, 1946, one of the most prolific serial killers in United States history was born. Theodore Robert Cowell was born in Burlington, Vermont to Louise Cowell. Even though Louise was Ted’s biological mother, he grew up believing that his grandparents were his mom and dad, because back then, being a pregnant and unwed woman was frowned upon.

Louise and Ted moved to Tacoma Washington and in 1951, Louise met a man named Johnny Culpepper Bundy. Johnny Culpepper Bundy was a navy veteran and a cook. In May 1951, Louise and Johnny married and Johnny ended up adopting Ted legally, giving Ted the last name Bundy. Even though Ted never knew his real father, who was said to be an air force veteran, Ted remained emotionally detached from Johnny, Ted’s stepfather.

When Ted became a Bundy, he still considered himself a Cowell. Ted did not follow in the Bundy footsteps, but remained to follow in the Cowell footsteps. Since Ted grew up around his grandfathers, also known as his parents, Ted saw how his grandfather acted. Ted’s grandmother was diagnosed with severe depression and was treated with electroshock therapy. Ted would be quoted as loving his grandfather, whom he thought was his father, but later described him as having a mild taste for pornography and being at time quick-tempered (www.serialkillercalendar.com). Ted’s grandfather has also been called a bigot. When Ted was 3 years old he had an encounter with his 15 year old aunt (www.serialkillercalendar.com). Ted placed knives on her bed, which were all facing her. Afterwards, Ted took the knives back to the kitchen and told his mother about what he did and she did nothing about it. This is where Ted truly becomes distant.

During Ted’s middle school years, he was often teased and bullies made Ted the butt of their pranks. Regardless of the humiliating experiences he sometimes suffered from being different, he was able to maintain a high grade-point average that would continue throughout high school and later into college (www.trutv.com). Throughout Ted’s high school year’s, he became exceptionally well-dressed, well-mannered, and his popularity increased significantly. Ted never really dated in high school; instead he focused on his interests, which were skiing and politics. After graduating high school, Ted attended the University of Puget Sound and the University of Washington. Ted worked several low-level jobs through school, but was mainly focused on his studies and grades.

By the spring of 1967, Ted’s focus changed when he met a beautiful and sophisticated woman named Stephanie Brooks. She was everything that ted ever wanted in a woman. Ted transferred to the University of Washington just to be close to her, but when she graduated in 1968, Stephanie broke up with Ted. Ted tried everything to impress her, but she did not like his lies and believed he had no direction or any goals set for his future. After the break-up, Ted fell into a deep depression. He would go on, never getting over the break-up. Ted even dropped out of school, because of the relationship ending.

Still depressed over the relationship with Stephanie Brooks ending, Ted learned his true parentage in 1969. He learned that his sister was actually his mother and that his parents were actually his grandparents. The discovery of his true parentage had a serious impact on him. Ted’s feelings or attitude did not change towards his mother, but he became nastier towards Johnny Bundy. He changed from a shy and introverted person to a more focused and dominant character (www.trutv.com).

At this time in his life, Ted was driven to prove himself. He re-enrolled at the University of Washington and studied psychology, a subject in which he excelled (www.trutv.com). Bundy became an honors student and was well liked by his professors at the University (www.trutv.com). Also at this time in his life, he met a new woman...

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