Technology: A Double-Edge Sword?

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Technology: A Double-Edge Sword?
The constantly changing, ever evolving state of technology makes me wonder if it’s a good thing or bad thing. Technology surrounds us. We are always exposed to it some way or another, and unless you escape to a desert island, there is no escape from it. When we wake up in the morning, most of us wake up to the sound of the alarm clock’, we then check our phone for missed calls and messages. We either cook or use the microwave to fix our breakfast or some of us may just fix some coffee. In the early hours of the day, we already are exposed to multiple forms of technology. Technology allows us to do so many things that once couldn’t be done. It saves people’s lives, but is also ruins careers. We no longer depend on getting to an unknown place with a paper map, we depend on technology to takes us where we have to go.

I couldn’t imagine our world without technology. It is incredible how we have come along in the world of technology. It seems that we woke up in a different world all of a sudden. We have come from a world where television was the latest technology and it was many decades before the home computer came along.

In the twentieth century alone, the average lifespan of a human has increased dramatically, this is due to technology. With new methods and equipment the world is able to produce more food with less work at a cheaper price. With better medicines and more effective treatments, people can survive diseases that would have one easily killed them. I think this is one of the most important aspects of technology, as it improves it saves more lives by the day. In my opinion, technology could be a double sword; it could be convenient and dangerous depending which form of technology we are talking about. The question that we need to ask is what if technology was ever taken away from us? How would we react? And as they take it away from us, what if they never give it back to us? I can’t answer for everybody, but I...
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