Technology in Our Lives

Topics: Surgery, Physician, Medicine Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Technology in Our Lives
When people think about technology they think about new inventions. Technology is a new way of making people want more than what they already have; they have made technology come to a point that humans are not able to function without it. Technology has also made a huge impact on people’s lives in the modern world through means of machines that are being used in the medical field. Medical technologies are instruments that are used by not only doctors but also by people around the world. Machines that have been made have helped us to achieve things in the medical field as well as in other ways that are useful for people and their own personal use. The introduction of technology in the medical field has its positive effects more than having any negative effects. As technology has evolved, so has the positive use and effects for medical technology as well. Technology in the world today is advanced and it allows doctors to diagnose asses and treat health conditions in a less invading way, to develop many effective treatments and to basically improve and extend patients’ lives. Technology has made people’s lives easier today with the medical instruments because there machines such as wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, contact lenses, stethoscopes and any other machine used to diagnose or to fix an ailment. Technology has been able to enhance the world individuals live in by giving hospitals and doctors more ways to figuring out to save a person’s life or what they have wrong with them. Technology has not only made a big impact in the world but also in lives of doctors by giving them more time to assist more people. The machines that the hospitals, doctors, and staff of the medical field are using are not only growing right now but in the future the world will have more advanced technology than what it is right now so that it affects our society in a positive manner. Medical machines are not only being used in hospitals but they are also being...

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