Technology Addiction

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Addiction to Technology is a Serious Problem
Juan A Severino
South University
ENG2001 S08
Composition III
Instructor’s Name: Randell Wolff

Addiction to Technology is a Serious Problem Is it possible to become "addicted" to technology? Technology permeates every aspect of our lives; and we are surrounded by it. Telephone, Cell phone, Television, computers, and the Internet have made our life a little easier, a little more convenient, and a more enjoyable. Or have they! Can we become "addicted" to technology? In today’s society people are addicted to the internet. We spend a lot of time in the internet surfing the web, checking our email, shopping, researching, and doing school work, but most of it playing video games online. Video games one of the biggest contributors of kids getting hook on technology, does this means that technical support technician, Network Engineer, System Administrators this entire people that work with technology are addicted to technology. Especially the ones that made video games, this bunch of people that dedicate their time and effort to bring enjoyment to families and kids of all ages, scientist and researchers might think that this people are addicted to technology but really is their jobs. We most considered all this people and get to a conclusion if they are really addicted to technology. Video games as programmers developers go thru a lot of physical and mental paint working on developing a good program for that specific game and that is why we get so hook on those games that we don’t want to leave the front of the TV, or the computer, and that is why they said that we are addicted to technology. In today’s society technology plays a large role in everyday life Technology and society is completely interwoven. “We no longer use technology, we live it” (Schwarz & Jansma, 1989, p.3). People have come to a point in society where they

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