Internet Addiction

Topics: Psychology, Sleep deprivation, Addiction Pages: 4 (838 words) Published: February 13, 2015
Ali Alsarraf

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23 January 2015

Melissa Vile

The psychological cause of internet addiction

The Internet is very peculiar it’s an object making information more accessible to

the world. In this era the internet has become an integral part of many peoples

work and personal life. It has helped in so many different aspects from being

able to create connection of communication with family and friends all the way

across the world, to paying your mortgage with just a click of a button, and even

advertisement for business. However, with every beautiful thing comes a downfall. This

object leads to people sitting in front of computer, where as it becomes the center of

ones life leading to internet addiction. As stated, in the encyclopedia of mental disorders

“internet addiction disorder refers to the problematic use of the Internet, including the

various aspects of its technology, such as electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide

Web.” Internet addiction has now become a recognizable disorder by American

Psychological Association. Furthermore, they have found that internet addiction

has causes and can result in psychological effects from a biological standpoint,

there may be a combination of genes that make a person more susceptible to

addictive behaviors.

Firstly, it is important to note the causes of Internet addiction. One of the major

Underlying causes of Internet addiction is when one is feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

For example; when one has little or no time to prepare for an important exam, and

knowing they will not do well they seek something to distract them. One may use the

Internet for distractions so one can have no worries or fears. In result it is mood altering

therefore one finds it pleasurable. Just as a person addicted to shopping may feel an

adrenaline rush or pleasurable change in...
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