Technological Advancement

Topics: Medical imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging, Radiology Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: September 6, 2008
The evolution technological advancement throughout the years have been giving big significances to the mankind. There are many devices which can be listed out. The telephone, is among the best telecommunication device. The device can be used to receive and send sounds for usually two people, three, or more. Alexander Graham Bell is one of the earliest inventor for the telephone. It is one of the most common appliances to be haved in most houses. It is used mainly to call other persons at far distances. This could really be a benefit for us, because eventhough we cannot see each other, but they could still communicate each other without having any problems about it. Besides that, the telephone is also used as a business tool.

The business company could vary from fast food chains to plumbers. Their main target is at the home users. Their customers will use the telephone to seek for the sevices that they need within that specific time. With this, mankind could make their lives easier as they didn’t have to go through the hussles and bustle of traffic jams just to buy their favourite pizza. This shows, how important the telephone is to the mankind.

The technological advancement which have also benefited the mankind is in the Radiology field. Radiology is the medical specialty directing medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat diseases. It is more on the technology-intensive imaging with high frequency sound waves, magnetic fields, and radioactivity. When it is concerned, this field requires more of the technological advancement, as it will be easier for us to understand the human mechanism better. One of the important and earliest machine invented in this field is the x-ray. The x-ray was dicovered by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. The x-rays are used to obtain visual information as part of medical imaging. In these days the Radiology field, has different arrays of imaging technologies such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) nuclear...
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