Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice.

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Element 6: Teachers continually improve their professional knowledge and practice. Statement/ Annotation
I believe in order to be an effective teacher, one must always reflect on their own practice. Reflecting on one’s own practice encourages criticism of your practice, evaluating strategies which work well in the classroom and ones which don’t, identifying problems and creating solutions. I believe that ‘valuing and respecting every student, and being committed to working continually and improving one’s own practice (Titone, 2005) is the key to being an effective teacher and continually improving ones professional knowledge and practice. I have critically reflected on my Visual Arts lessons in order to improve my teaching practice 6.1.1 and accept constructive feedback in order to improve and refine my teaching and learning practices (6.1.5), in doing this I have demonstrated knowledge and understood the importance of teamwork in an educational context through my colleagues and the schooling community (6.1.4). How my evidence supports the specific principles of the QTF: Using the quality teaching framework to reflect on and analyse my teaching practice Applying constructive feedback from cooperating teachers to improve and refine teaching and learning practices Using the Quality Teaching Framework as a tool to evaluate personal achievement of the professional standards and to identify professional learning needs. Collaborative lesson planning, observation and assessment

Element 7: Teachers are actively engaged members of their profession and the wider community Statement/ Annotation
I believe that a relationship between the school, family and the wider community is essential to a student’s academic progression. I feel promoting home-school connections and having an understanding of student’s background creates a learning environment conducive to student achievement and demonstrates the importance of effective home-school links and processes for reporting...
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