Topics: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, Knowledge Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: July 19, 2014
A better understanding of other people contributes to the development of moral values. We shall be both kinder and fairer in our treatment of others, if we understand them better. Understanding ourselves and understanding others are connected, since as human beings, we all have things in common.

Adapted from Anne Sheppard, “Aesthetics: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art” Do we need other people in order to understand ourselves? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

To understand ourselves is not an easy thing to do. From ancient times, the question of knowing ourselves has been the focus of many philosophers, such as Socrates and Buda. They argue that, even though you cannot arrive at perfect answers, you should keep asking yourself, “Who am I?” The lessons of the ancient philosophers have truly helped me to develop my moral values and know myself, through meditation and inner awareness. However, there are other ways to gain self-knowledge: one way is to ourselves by striving to understand others. Khaled Hosseini’s characters, Amir and Baba, in “the Kite Runner” provide mirrors for me. Also Walter Isaacson’s “Steve Jobs” – the authorized biography of Apple’s genius – allows me to see inside the façade of the public Steve Jobs, and gain some understanding of myself.

The relationship between Amir and his father, Baba, in “The Kite Runner” allows me to better understand why my own father was like he was, when I was growing up. In Afghanistan, before Russia invaded that country, Baba was a rich and powerful businessman. As a real man in a man’s world, Baba feels embarrassed about his almost effeminate son: Amir reads books, wins poetry competitions at school, is hopeless at soccer, and (at 12 years of age) he cries during a Buzkashi tournament when a horseman falls off his horse and gets trampled by...
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