Tda 3.1

Topics: Communication, Nonviolent Communication Pages: 3 (1082 words) Published: October 5, 2013
TDA 2.3: Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults.


All children from very young age to adulthood need to feel that they are spoken to with respect and they need to feel that the appropriate adult communicates with them in the way they understand. Children have a very good ability to sense if an adult is been honest, fair and caring. It is crucial to establish a respectful relationship with children and young people as the mutual respect is paramount to a good working relationship and communication. Children need to be shown boundaries and rules of behaviour in order to build good relationships all around. It is also very important to express genuine interest and awareness of children’s different issues they might have and ensure they can trust the person that they communicate their issues to. The children of different ages will have to be communicated to in different ways in order for them to understand.

As mentioned above it is very important to communicate with children of different stages of development in the way they can fully understand. For example in the Early Foundation stage children are very young and are developing their communication and language. They are also still in the stage of learning the boundaries, social rules, developing lot of social skills such as sharing, turn-taking and at this stage the children are still quite self-centred. The children have to be spoken to at a level they understand, so very clear explanations of rules, using visual prompts for children with communication difficulties, talking to them at their eye level- so they do not feel intimidated, and ensuring they understand the various tasks or questions they are asked to do by using more simplistic language and getting feedback if they understood of what has been asked from them. Children at this stage are not able yet to negotiate and compromise between themselves and tend to seek the adults support and help...
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