TDA 2.8

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~ describe the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour ~ Describe the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour There are a number of policies in place at the school that all staff are made aware of. We are given a copy of these policies and procedures on joining and asked to sign them, they are also on hand, should you need to refer to them at any point. There are a number of policies within the setting that help promote positive behaviour, these are: Anti-Bullying

School Values
Golden Rules/Playground Code of Conduct
This is linked closely with the behaviour policy but sets out the steps to be taken to deal with any incidence of bullying, including, verbal, physical, damaging property, stealing, inappropriate language via electronic messaging, gossiping, excluding people from groups and spreading rumours. It is known that bullying will not be tolerated and that as a setting we will support both child and parent and provide an environment where all can learn without stress. Incidences of bullying will be recorded and then dealt with in line with DfE guidance published in July 2013, which means in some cases referral. The school understands that there are different levels of bullying, low level, medium level and high level and each member of staff understands what steps need to be taken at each point. Attendance

Regular attendance is vital to both pupil and teacher and gives consistency and effectiveness through learning. Parents are continually made aware via newsletter, text and the website of the importance of punctual and regular attendance, this is reinforced through the Home School Agreement which is sent to every parent of a new pupil and should be signed and returned before that pupil commences their learning. There are clear guidelines given to parents with regards to absence, whether it is through illness or for some other reason. If a child has a 100% attendance record they are rewarded with a certificate in assembly in July. If a child is continually late the Attendance Manager will evaluate the effectiveness of the schools approach to attendance by completing a questionnaire at the end of each academic year.

Rewards & School Values
There are a number of ‘rewards’ that our school gives to promote positive behaviour both inside and outside of school. We are a Values School which helps our pupils develop into successful learners and adults. Our values are based on different behaviours, such as, Trust, Respect, Tolerance, Perseverance and these are introduced to the children through class based activities and collective worship. They are modelled by the adults for the children and should a child show that particular behaviour then they are awarded a leaf which is presented in assembly then hung on the values tree. Each month the value changes and through discreet teaching we are able to embed these values through discussion surrounding the value giving positive examples of each value in everyday learning. Each child is given throughout the year an ‘I am Special because…’ certificate and again this is given to the child at assembly time and kept on the wall and a certificate sent home. In most classrooms there is a ‘One Hundred Square’ This is a square of one hundred numbers and points are awarded to the class as a whole for good behaviour, once the square is full they are allowed ‘Golden Time’ which is a treat for the whole class, last year a class has a sprinkler afternoon! There is also a ‘Star of the Week’ – in early years/Yr. 1 or ‘Pupil of the Week’ Yr. 2 upwards where a child in each class is chosen for their good behaviour, i.e. a pupil in Reception class was recognised for using kind hands and kind feet all week. They are awarded with a badge or for the older children a pencil which they...
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