TDA 2.3

Topics: Communication, Respect, Understanding Pages: 4 (1664 words) Published: December 11, 2013
TDA 2.3 Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults. 1.1.To establish a respectful relationship with children and young people you must give the children an opportunity to put forward their ideas and give them time to work and think things over. As a teacher or a teaching assistant it is important to give children your full attention when listening or talking to them; this can be done through, facial expressions, speech, body language and gestures. Listening and responding appropriately to a child can help improve on a positive, professional and respectful relationship. 1.2.When children or young people are at their age of development as a adult you don’t want to set a bad example, you must behave appropriately so the children know what to do and what not to do, because I am a teaching assistant of my age, children take a interest into what and how I do things, therefore they begin to copy the things I do in class e.g. I would set a good example by listening to the teacher when she is explaining a lesson, I will put books away tidily and carefully, soon the children will notice and start doing the same which is good behaviour. Whereas, if I were behave inappropriately by throwing books on the table or start talking over the teacher and mess with things, it would then set a bad example for the children. 1.3.Many things can set off arguments between children and young people which often leaves children angry or upset, in my position I would stay calm and ask the children to explain what happened, listen to both sides of the story and show that I am not talking sides. I would explain the difference in right and wrong and try to make them understand what has been done wrong and explain that if they were in the same position, how they would feel and it wouldn’t be nice and make them apologise. Whereas with young people, like my age group (10-11years old) they begin to have their own views and they clash more when they begin to...
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