TDA 2.3

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It is important to establish, respectful, professional relationships with adults you must support and be open to your colleagues, be prepared to work as a team member. In school environment it is not viable to work independently of others and would not be practicable to do so. You must be prepared to listen to others views and support them within the team. Be friendly approachable and a good listener, have good body language. Be respectful at all times. If you work with who are from different cultures and have different beliefs, make sure you respect their views and beliefs.

Whilst working in schools you will gather information, it is your duty to only forward information that needs to be forwarded, if a person is required to know this information, your colleagues need to know they can trust you, to build good relationships, adults and children need to know they can approach you and confide in you. You need to observe school policies around confidentiality at all times.

If your colleagues feel comfortable with you, they will be more likely to communicate more positively, sometimes within the work place there will be a clash of personalities, you must overcome this and act professional at all times, as your aim is to be a good role model for the children. It is your duty to show them how to behave and communicate correctly, and they learn from your actions and they will respond and want to learn if their environment is calm and they are supported by adults that work well together, as well as learn to develop positive relationships with their peers and adults. If you and your colleagues are positive and talk in an appropriate way in front of the children, the children will learn to communicate in an appropriate manner too.

Sometimes your colleagues may have told you something to do with their private life, it shows your caring and have listened to them, if you ask later how things were and follow up on the conversation, it shows you have taken an...
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