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ComponentsLevels | Portfolio Governance| Project Opportunity Assessment | Project Prioritization and Selection| Portfolio & Project Communication Management| Portfolio Performance Management| Portfolio Resource Management| Level 5 Optimized Process| 0%| 0%| 0%| 0%| 0%| 0%|

Level 4Management Process| 25%| 10%Yes: Partial bullet 3| 50%No: bullets 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12| 25%No: bullets 1, 2, 4| 0%| 0%| Level 3Organizational Standards and Institutionalized Process| 100%| 57%No: bullets 2, 3, 7| 93%Partial mis- alignment with local and state funding| 60%No: bullets 3, 4| 75%No: bullets 4, 8| 0%| Level 2Structured Processes and Standards| 90%Lacks specific process guide for review boards| 80%Lacks charter form| 100%| 100%| 88.5%No: bullet 8| 100%| Level 1 Initial Process| Beyond| Beyond| Beyond| Beyond| Beyond| Beyond| Summary Score*by Dimension| 315| 247| 343| 285| 264| 200|

Title: Hearth Connections
Richard Hooks Wayman, Executive Director
Interviewed: October 10, 2011 in his office by Gary Jurek

Data Collection Summary:
* Length of Pennypacker Portfolio Management Maturity Model Assessment: Approximately 60 minutes * Interview read to Rich to shorten process and assist in clarification * Data summary and report development: Approximately 2.0 hours

Data Summary:
Summary Score Average across Dimensions was 276 (High Level 2 Maturity Level). Two Dimensions had response set in Level 3+ Range.

Highest Dimension Scores: Project Prioritization and Selection (343) and Portfolio Governance (315) Mid-Range Dimension Scores: Portfolio and Project Communication (285), Portfolio Performance

Management (264), and Project Opportunity Assessment (247) Low Range Dimension Scores:Portfolio Resource Management (200)

Recommendation(s) to Strengthen Organizational Portfolio Management by Dimension and Dimension Level:

Portfolio Governance
Dimension Summary Score 315/500.

Portfolio governance addresses the organizational and decision-making processes used to manage and review the portfolio of projects. It includes establishing and maintaining the structure and procedures, and conducting the on-going assessment and improvement to the portfolio. The portfolio governance component ensures that the projects undertaken by the organization are aligned with its vision, strategy and objectives.

Level 2:

* Each portfolio review board operates according to written policies and procedures in the organization –specific project process guide.

Level 4:

* Enterprise portfolio review board integrates lessons learned and processes portfolio status into current and future management project decision-making. * Consideration is given to the various combinations of projects to maximize the value of the projects in relation to the strategic criteria. * Project review boards review the fit of each project and combination of projects at each project review board meeting to ensure that any changes in vision, strategy, or objectives are evaluated with a regard to the portfolio.

Level 5:

* There is a process used to exploit management decision making to improve the value of project portfolio governance processes. * Baseline data are collected for the organization’s project portfolio governance processes. * External comparable bet-in-class project portfolio governance processes are identified and benchmarked. * Improvements are made to the organization’s project portfolio governance processes.

Project Opportunity Assessment
Dimension Summary Score 247/500

Project opportunity assessment focuses on the processes for identifying business needs that may be satisfied through the development of a solution(s) achieved by a project or projects. It includes processes and procedures for understanding and defining high-level business needs, crafting potential solution concepts, and harnessing the organizational...
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