Tawheed in Islam

Topics: God, Monotheism, Allah Pages: 4 (2026 words) Published: December 4, 2014

Sohail Afzal, Gujrat Pakistan


Introduction/ Importance

Tawheed is the foundation upon which the religion Islam has been built, so focusing on it means to focus on the Islam itself. It is the first and the most important Islamic belief. If we consult the Noble Quran we would find that it talks about issues of tawheed repetitively so much that there does not exist a single soorah in the Quran that does not mention tawheed, clarifying it and prohibiting what opposes it. Therefore the entire Quran is centered around tawheed. If we look upon the soorahs revealed in Makkah, we will find that most of them focus entirely on tawheed. It is the period of 13 years the last Prophet stayed in Makkah calling to tawheed and warning against Shirk. The religious obligations were not revealed until tawheed was presented and established among the believers. The essence of the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is faith in the unity of God. This faith is expressed in the primary Kalima of Islam as La ilaha illallah, meaning there is no deity but Allah. This is the expression of tawheed which differentiate a true Muslim from a non-Muslim. All the things mentioned above showed how important the subject is.


Tawheed is the noun derived from the Arabic root verb wahhada which means to make something one, and tawheed means “belief in the oneness of God. According to Quran it means that there is no other being that deserves to be worshipped, as no other being possesses all the required qualities at the same time and at the level of perfection that makes it deserving of worship, except one and only one being, i.e the one true God – Allah. He has absolutely no partners or associates. No being is His equal. He is the creator and the Originator of all that exists. As tawheed is expressed as the primary kalima of Islam as La ilaha illallah – There is no...
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