Tata Nano Pricing Strategy

Topics: Manufacturing, Assembly line, World War II Pages: 3 (595 words) Published: November 22, 2008
NAME: Patel kaivalyakumar c
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Professor: Dr.Neal lewis sir

Toyota production system:

Key issue:

1 starting of needs
2 slow growths is scary
3 catch up with America
4 just in time
5 using common sense idea
6 give machine intelligence
7 the power of individual skill and team work
8 cost reductions is goal
9 the illusion of Japanese industry
10 establishing production flow
11 productions leveling
12 in beginning there was need
13 a revolution is conciseness

Evolution of production system

1 complete analysis of waste.
2 my plant is first principle
3 writing standard worksheet yourself
4 teamwork is every thing
5 the skill is passion baton
6 an idea from us supermarket.
7 what is kabana.
8 incorrect causes problem
9 the talent and courage of re think (what we call common sense) 10 establishing the flow is basic condition.
11 use authority to encourage team.
12 mountains should be low and valley should be shallow.
13 challenging the production leveling.
14 challenging the production leveling and market diversification, 15 kanban accelerate the improvements.
16 carrying carts at kanban
17 elastic nature of kanban.

Further development:

In 1973 oil crisis is occur, so many company stopped their profit , but Toyota manufacturing company is still working . After World War 2, America cut cost of mass production car. Japanese also followed this strategy.

America has generated wonderful production management, business management techniques such as (Q, C) and (TQC), and industrial engineering methods. Japanese realized that they have to use their techniques.

Toyota motor also defines just in time concept without human touch. They said all process must do automatically. So production speed is increased.

We know profit making of every company is reduction the cost of including all process. In other sense we called efficiency.

For establishing production flow...
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