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Marketing StatergyX MBA 18 – Vashi
Core IIHerat Mehta

Henry Ford said that customers could get cars of any color as long as it was black, while Tata Motors went to customers before designing Ace and asked them about the price and features that they wanted. Compare and contrast between these two approaches? 1. Both the cases are related to Automobile industries. Mr. Ford is talking about passenger cars & tata is talking about commercial vehicles. Main points can be argued as follows. Ford Cars| Tata Ace|

Passenger Vehicles| SCV|
Already made a huge market & business| Trying to make a new segment in the business| Going for Mass production| Product aimed at saving the entire business.| Almost monopoly business as 50 % of the requirement was fulfilled by Ford| Looking for the new customer or converting customers for their product.| Assembly line production planned.| Product for the people & by the people concept.| Production can be faster as black is the fastest drying colour| Not clear about the achievable sales from the target 30,000 units per year.| Only colour becomes constraint for the prospective buyer.| The entire design concept is yet to be proved.| To summarise, both the approaches look fine at their own stages.

Identify two activities done by Tata Motors while applying the marketing concept for developing Ace?

2. Implemented cross – functional teams which used 3P concept. (Production, preparation process) Extensive market study considering all possible factors like political, growth, development and also customer need and requirements. Product was designed as the product from the customer, for the customer and designed it as a vehicle to service the last mile distribution.

What are the different types of benefits or gratifications that consumers can draw from a product or a service? Discuss with respect to the case?

3. The Benefits that the customers can take from Tata Ace: *...
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