Task 2 private cars

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Reerapun Suwanpanont (Mii)

“Over-reliance on private cars can have a lot of disadvantages.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your reasons and relevant examples.

Nowadays, private cars are being more extensively used in our daily life. It’s true that cars make our life more convenient, but being too dependent on them has a lot of disadvantages, so I totally agree with the statement above.
First of all, just owing a car is already a burden. We have to save a large amount of money to buy a car. After we got it, no matter how new or how old the car is, we still have to spend money on maintenance, tax and sometimes repairing. And of course, we also need to pay for fuel cost, which is non-renewable resource. Having a car make us have a lot of expense each month.
Besides all those costs, cars sometimes can be harmful to environment. Cars produce a lot of carbon-monoxide which cause air pollution and global warming. Moreover, cars also create noise pollution; for instance, when there are many cars on the street and they drive very fast, those make a very loud noise. As a result, sound-blockers were made along express way around crowded living areas.
Other obvious example problems are create traffic conjestion, particularly in the city. Furthermore, car accidents are often occured more than any other types of transportation. Cars are not dextrous as it’s hard to find parking that have very limited, etc.
All in all, even though there are a lot of problems come along with the private cars, it’s almost impossible not to use cars, especially in Thaialnd where the public transportation is not good and not cover every area. Therefore, private cars still favourable and be used by many of Thai people.

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