Car vs Suv

Topics: Automobile, Vehicle, Truck Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: June 12, 2001
Technology has brought many luxuries to people. The invention of the automobile has brought convenience to everyday living. People use their vehicles to commute to work, school, home, and other events. Some people cannot even imagine living life without the use of an automobile. People have different tastes in the type of automobile that they drive; the automotive industry has made several different ways to commute. The car and the sports utility vehicle seem to be the most common types. The sports utility vehicle is inferior to the car.

The sports utility vehicles harm the environment more then cars do. It takes more gas to fill up these vehicles, and the big engines consume it as if they're where no tomorrow. The weight of the vehicle also contributes heavily to this consumption since it needs to burn more fuel to drive it. The sports utility vehicle harms everybody with all of its emissions that it emits into the environment. However, driving a car does not bring the emissions as high. The smaller engines and the lightweight of cars make them a Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV). Since cars produce less smog, the government has labeled them LEV. This allows people to be able to travel the same distance while producing fewer emissions. In return, the environment is much cleaner.

Safety is another issue that makes the sports utility vehicle inferior to the car. The number of deaths with people driving the sports utility vehicle is far greater then that of the car. The chance of rolling over with the sports utility vehicle's high center of gravity is greater. In addition, the stopping distance is longer considering the weight factor of the vehicle. Both these issues make this automobile very dangerous to the driver, passengers, other motorist, pedestrians, and small furry animals. On the other hand, the lower center of gravity that the car has to offer makes this vehicle less likely to roll over. There is also a shorter stopping distance for the car considering...
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