Tang and Ming Dynasties

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Essay on Tang and Ming

Although both the Tang and Ming dynasties were Asian in origin they varied greatly in the way that they effected the development and progression in Asia. Although the Tang Dynasty and Ming Dynasty shared religious, technological, and economical similarities, they had their own unique differences in the ways they portrayed them on historical society. The Tang and Ming dynasties were greatly similar in their religious beliefs with faint differences in that they were both from the same origin. The Ming often followed after the Tang’s technological advancements, repairing and restoring them. They differed greatly in their economies. Overall, they both had their own ways of structuring their dynasties.

Like most Asian dynasties and empires, the Tang and Ming dynasties were much alike in their religious beliefs. Buddhism was considered one of the main religions in both dynasties however, Tang’s other main religion was Confucianism while Ming’s was Taoism. Buddhism was at its peak during the Tang Dynasty and as a result after three hundred years of political unrest, China was reunified. People of the Ming Dynasty believed in having a harmonious relationship with nature following the Buddha. Daoism, Legalism, and Manichaeism were introduced into the Tang Dynasty where as Christianity and Islam was introduced into the Ming Dynasty. Christianity arrived along with the Jesuit missionaries in the Ming Dynasty.

The technological advancements made by the Tang Dynasty were often repaired and restored by the Ming Dynasty later on. However, certain advancements made by the Tang were not adopted by the Ming. The Tang constructed the Great Wall of China and the Ming took part in the repairing and completion of the structure. Woodblock printing was invented during the time of the Tang Dynasty used to make the written word available to vastly greater audiences. Among the earliest of their documents to be printed was the Chinese calendar....
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