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as stated " it is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance in sports or music while others are not. however it is sometimes claimed that any student can be taught to become a good sportsman or a singer." the statement is pretty true that some children are born with talent while some are not but also children if trained at young can achieve perfection.

as mentioned above it is pretty true that children can be trained to be perfect at something, i had experienced it myself. my mom and dad loved music and are extremely good singers, as does everyone expect , they had also expected me to be a good singer, "to be born with talent" but yet i had zero talent towards singing but a lot of interest...all the masters i have been sent to refused to teach me once when they noticed that i had no talent, but after years of search my parents found a tutor who was excellent in judging me and eventually with alot of directioned training, i was perfect with it ! so proper guidance plays a key role for perfection.

but, even though the child is given proper guidance it wouldn't benefit if he/she has no interest, interest IS very important since if one is not interested in what she is doing she wont be able to give her 100% and that would not fetch her any good also there also some children who realize their talent at a very later stage but still shine.

although there are many people who are extremely talented , and as the result grasp anything related to that particular subject at a faster rate compared to students who are not so talented.this is also another fact supporting the topic that this to an extent also depends on the amount of time one spends towards that activity...talented children might not have to spend so much time as the other children though in this set of children , there are also children who can be trained through practice as in if a child who is born with the talent of dancing practices for once and is perfect, the...
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