Taking Care Of Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men
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When you think of taking care of someone you think about a child not a adult man. So when George got the responsibility to take care of Lennie. He didn’t see it as a bad thing. He saw it as a way to make a new friend and not being alone anymore. George wasn’t looking at the negatives he was looking at the positives. Which where not only making a new friend but a family member too.

George had a every big responsibility taking care of him and Lennie. George was taking care of a child not a adult. Lennie didn’t really know what was wrong and what was right just like a little kid. So when Lennie gets in trouble he doesn’t understand what he does. All Lennie wanted was to pet soft stuff. When Lennie would get in trouble so would George because
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He saw him as a friend and as a brother too. He knew that he didn’t want to see Lennie jail. He probably felt that if he would of been there with him this would of never happened because he’s the one that’s supposed to watch him and he didn’t. George just wanted to see Lennie happy. He wanted to make his dreams come true. He wanted to help him get his rabbits. So he could have as many as he wanted and to pet them all he wanted too.

I feel that George will continue to work hard and try to make his and Lennie’s dream come true. He will get his own piece of land and have a rabbit’s to remind him and honor Lennie. He will do everything to get what Lennie and him wanted. He will try to make Lennie proud of his hard work sense Lennie couldn’t be there. George will work hard for not only him but for the memory of Lennie too.

In five years i feel that George would wonder if he did the right thing. It would haunt him knowing that he did kill someone he loved. He will always feel guilty not knowing if he did the right or wrong thing or Lennie. At the moment it may of seemed right but he still had no right to kill someone that didn’t know what he was doing. I feel that George would try to move on from the past but he will always have that guilt with him in tell he does

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