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My name is Emily Ann Zerkle I am 17 years old I have a learning disability which consist of Reading/English, and Math. I am in basic class where they can help with my needs which i have had since second grade. I go to Wahama High School, and I live in Hartford W.V. I have two brothers Kyle is 21 years old and Aaron is 15 years old. Over the years I have help my grandmal in the summer to get the grade school ready. I help with moving desk, teaches desk, filing cabinets, and waxing floors. Sometimes I help with benifit dinners when people have them. I help serve, cook, take orders, and deliver can not forget about the clean up.

Then when I'm not doing that I go out to Jackson, Ohio. Where my aunt Michelle lives on a horse farm she has 23 horses. Michelle, and I help special need children learn how to take proper care of the horses, and help them ride the right way. Michelle, and I clean stalls, feed, water horses, and groom the horses. It is not as easy as it looks I love being around horses. Sometimes we go and rescue baby horses and raise them to get better and old enough to brake to ride or sale, it is fun but hard work to do.

I have 3 horses at my house that I take care of it can be difficult at times. That is way I plan to go to Hocking College they offer Farrier Science and Bussiness, the out comes are operate and maintain basic farrier equipment, and perfrom proper shoeing techniques.Wilderness Horsemanship outcomes are manage horses without assistance while mounting/dismounting, and properly feed/water horses. If I don't like the program then I am going to switch over to nursing, but I do not want to do something I do not like to do. That is why I have choosen Hocking Colleg, and have to go out of state Marshall does not afford theses kind of classes that I need to prosue my education.
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