Tablets v. Textbooks

Topics: High school, Textbook, Education Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Tablet vs. Textbooks

Technology is advancing more and more everyday. From Iphones to Droids the things you can do is endless. These advances are making every day life easier and easier whether its doing your banking from home or keeping up with social media. Technology is becoming so advanced that kindergarten through twelfth grade students will soon be relieved of the burden of carrying books to and from school five days a week, which would be extremely beneficial. However, some people oppose this idea because, tablets are more expensive than print text books, they are dangerous to our kids health, and the tablets may be difficult to use for some students.

First of all, those who oppose this idea believe that a tablet is more expensive than a print text book. Technology does not necessarily translate into more expensive though. According to a report from the Federal Communications Commission schools kindergarten through twelfth grade spend on average around eight billion dollars a year on text books. If these schools switched from text books to the ever popularizing E-book these schools can save anywhere from two hundred fifty to one thousand dollars per student per year. If you calculate this an average school has about five thousand to seven thousand students which translates to a 5 to 7 hundred thousand dollar savings that can go towards other things in the school. Most E-books cost about four hundred fifty dollars where as a textbook can cost upwards of six hundred dollars. So, this idea of tablets being more expensive is preposterous, and comes from the common idea of technology means more money which has no factual evidence to back it.

Secondly, the opposition will say that tablets are dangerous to our kids health. Those who

oppose tablet usage will use the argument that staring at the screen of the tablet will cause irreversible damage to the eyes, but this claim is only a half truth though. There is no permanent damage caused to the eye,...
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